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Having Fun on Marconi Beach

Lisa Johnson. 20 December 2016.

Do you have a great fond of exploring beautiful destinations, especially beaches? Marconi Beach will give you the never-before explorations!

If you love boogie boarding or surfing, Marconi should be on your top list. Lying at the Cape’s ocean side, it is considered as one of the 5 most beautiful, national beaches of Cape Cod. So, pack your things and prepare your favorite beach and surfing outfit and start playing with the waves along the bay side.

Thus, if you want to try a different level of adventure, skimboarding is perfect since Marconi Beach offers you low tides that amazingly invites you to stretch on the beach. Your Marconi Beach adventure will be more exciting if you will bring your travel buddies. So, what amazing things about Marconi Beach await you?

Sandy Area for Fun in the Sun

If you love doing fun under the sun, never forget to visit Marconi Beach! This beautiful beach introduces you to plenty of sandy areas. Whether you just wanted to walk by the shore or try different water sports, Marconi welcomes you with magnetizing sands that play on your feet. So, let the sun kiss your skin and begin your unforgettable vacation.

Oyster Harvesting

Ever heard about Wellfleet oysters? At Marconi Beach, you can also see the harvesting activities of oysters. The oysters found near Marconi area are considered to be the best oysters across the globe. Apart from you will enjoy the amazing views and beach activities, you also have the chance to experience seeing the harvesting of oysters.

Ideal Place to Enjoy Surfing

One of the great things about Marconi Beach is that it is a surfing sanctuary to many water sports enthusiasts. It gives you good waves where surfers can enjoy surfing activities during low tides. This beach gives you the perfect time to show off your surfing prowess and even improve your performances. Whether it is plainly for fun or your sports, Marconi Beach is an ideal place to surf.

A Peaceful and Beautiful Spot to Read Books and Watch Seals

As you visit Marconi, you can really find a perfect spot to free yourself from stress. You can experience a peaceful and beautiful place to read your favorite novels. Thus, you can watch some seals that are inviting you to enjoy the crystal blue water.

Star Gazing at the Beach

After your sumptuous dinner from the nearby restaurants, you can now proceed to one of the most interesting night activities in Marconi Beach. You and your travel buddies will definitely love gazing the stars. Dress warmer and place a blanket by the sea then, enjoy the sound of the waves while gazing the stars from the calm sky.

Large Beach for Non-stop Fun and Excitement

When you are looking for a beach that can give you the chance to enjoy your entire vacation, Marconi is a huge beach that can accommodate all your adventure ideas. There are lots of beach activities that await you and satisfy the longing for a different level of vacation. From swimming to heart pounding activities, you get no wrong visiting this beach.

Exciting Beach Adventure with Your Dogs

Interestingly, you can enjoy the beach together with your dogs. Just keep them on a leash and you are now ready to do exciting activities with your pets. This beach is ideal to those who wanted to have a vacation and they cannot leave their pets at home.

Effective Facilities

When you choose Marconi Beach as your next stop, you get no worry about the facilities. It gives you clean bathrooms and outdoor showers with walled changing rooms as well as you are provided with watchful and active life guards from the towers. So, you get no worry about your convenience and safety.

Unlimited Smiles and Satisfaction

Marconi Beach allows you to enjoy beverages, coolers, and beverages while exploring the beach. You can bring your favorite snacks and evenly love the mesmerizing view of the beach. From eye-catching sea shore views to unlimited activities, your eyes and enthusiasm will be satisfied. Marconi Beach gives you a lot of reasons to smile and bring beautiful memories as you head your way home.

Cool Water and Amazing Weather

One of the best time for you to enjoy Marconi Beach is during summers. You can completely fascinate the entire summer when you choose this beach as your next destination. You can get amazed with its beautiful weather that is perfect for your summer escapade and dive to the cool water. So, simply prepare your beach-ready body and start shopping your swimsuits.


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