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The purpose of Parkvel.com is to offer its users, relative information about parkings.

Liability Waver

Parkvel.com is not a parking enterprise, nor is it involved in real transactions between portal users and parking providers. Parkvel.com does not provide the listed products or services, about which information is given. The information that appears on Parkvel.com related to parkings schedules, prices, amenities, restrictions... might not be exact or totally accurate.

Because of everything mentioned previously, Parkvel.com does not attest nor guarantee the accuracy of data shown. It is the Parkvel.com user’s responsibility to contact the parking and garage providers directly to gain fully accurate information.

Parkvel.com recommends its users review data presented on the website then inquire about it to the parking companies offering the listed services. They are the only companies that can offer full information regarding these services.

1.3. Agreement

While browsing Parkvel.com, visitors’ expressed consent is clearly and unmistakably stated, according to the informed purposes in the previous paragraph and the services that Parkvel.com renders.

1.4 Security

Parkvel.com informs its users that it has established measures of technical and organizational character that guarantee a secure browsing experience on the site.